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YAS Super Savers (for 5-8 year olds)

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Meet Super Buck.  He protects your savings and has lots of super tips on how to save for your special savings goals.  Super Buck also loves to share exciting stories about his adventures over Money Mountain.  

Super Buck can help you save too.   YAS 5 to 8 years - Learn More.

When you open a YAS Super Savers Account, Super Buck will help you learn about:

  • What savings means
  • What money is
  • What savings goals are

Want to know more about YAS?  Call us on 1300 361 555 and our friendly staff can help answer your questions.

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This account must be opened in Trust for a child.  Parents/Guardians may apply on-line with their details and need to provide identification for themselves and an original birth certificate or current passport for the child.

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If you have any questions, please contact us