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Fee Free Banking

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How to avoid paying transaction fees

Internet Banking:

Obtain balances, transfer funds between your own accounts fee-free.

Phone Access:

Access your balances & transactions 24 / 7 and transfer funds within your account fee-free.

rediATM, NAB & BOQ ATM Network:

If you need to withdraw cash, use a rediATM, NAB or a BOQ ATM. This way you will avoid direct charge fees from other financial institutions.

Use Eftpos:

As a member of FCCS you get unlimited free Eftpos transactions. Use Eftpos to pay for purchases and withdraw cash at the same time where possible.


Autosweep facility enables you to park your funds in a high interest savings account whilst helping you avoid insufficient funds fees by automatically transferring these funds to cover direct debits, atm, Eftpos transactions and personal cheques as required.

Consolidate your Banking:

By using FCCS as your primary financial institution you can save even more on fees.

At FCCS Credit Union our fee structure rewards our members' banking relationship. The banking relationship includes all savings, investment and loan account balances with combined minimum monthly balances of $20,000 or more. Balances greater than $50,000 earn more rewards.

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If you have any questions about fee free banking, please contact us