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A better way to pay those "tiresome bills" 

No one likes paying bills. It's a real pain. For most people, paying in person or by mail is out of the question. Who's got the time? Paying a single bill by phone or over the Internet is better, but it's still quite time-consuming.

Now there's another way that's better still. BPAY®. Because with BPAY, you can pay all those tiresome bills in one hit - over the phone or over the Internet around the clock, 365 days a year. Easier. Faster. Better.

Just look for the BPAY symbol on your household bills.

BPAY via Phone Banking

It's convenient, secure and as painless as paying bills can possibly be.

Call 1300 361 555 and follow the prompts to pay your bills

BPAY & BPAY View via Internet Banking

The best thing about Internet BPAY is that it is visual, so you can see what you are typing. So while you're surfing the web, you can also take a quick detour to pay an unlimited number of bills. And you needn't worry about security either. Internet BPAY has been specifically designed to protect your funds from unauthorised access.

There are over 4,000 billers in the national BPAY network, including most councils, telephone, electricity and gas organisations. So next time you've got a stack of bills to pay, why not get it over and done with in one hit.


BPAY ViewTM is the convenient way to receive, view and pay your bills online through Internet Banking.

With BPAY ViewTM you can:

  • register to receive specific biller invoices online
  • de-register a specific biller
  • view bills (in summary or the entire invoice)
  • pay bills using BPAY

How do I register to pay bills via BPAY View?

  • Login to FCCS Internet Banking
  • Go to the BPAY View section located under ‘Other' in the top menu
  • Select from the list of billers available and enter the required information in the fields shown. You must have your paper bill with you when you complete the registration as each biller requires you to enter different information exactly as it appears on your paper bill.
  • Once you have completed this registration, your request should be processed within two working days. You will be notified via email whether your request has been successful or unsuccessful

How will I know when I have BPAY View bills to pay?

When you login to Internet Banking any BPAY View bills that are ready to be paid will be displayed on the welcome / summary page. Plus, FCCS' Internet Banking system will notify you via email when new BPAY View bills arrive.

How do I pay my BPAY View bills?

When you login to Internet Banking, BPAY View bills that are ready to be paid will be displayed on the welcome / summary page. Simply click on 'Pay' next to each bill to proceed with payment. The Biller Code and Customer Reference Number will automatically be entered for you, saving you time and ensuring the information is correct.

Want to use BPAY?

Using BPAY is simple. Once you've registered for Internet or Telephone Banking you are automatically registered to use BPAY.


If you have any questions about BPAY, please contact us

®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 74 087 651 456